Someone said to me : » your pictures are philosophies, so you do naturally» …I think maybe it’s a very personal philosophy, maybe only my own vision of this Life, want to share it from my most deep down. So here I go.

MOTHER NATURE 🧚‍♂️ beyond the magic ☆ who looks and feel deep at Nature, find the other side…the most magical side. Not everyone is able to find it, but understand it. So I try to traduce my deep down from it ✨🍃 showing you the most LOVELY~ vibes made art as I can reach. Hope you can enjoy it like I do. THANKS INFINITY FOR YOUR GRATEFUL VISIT AT MY PLANET NATURE 💜✨


it is not in the tool that the artist uses, but from inside towards outside, those good~vibes that emerge from her… make it all. What’s inside it’s outside ✨♻️✨

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